Wastewater Treatment Systems

Capital Tanks is also Queensland's leading supplier of wastewater treatment systems (also known as home sewage treatment plants or HSTPs), servicing all of Southern and Central Queensland, including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Gympie, Gladstone, Bundaberg and beyond. 
Our wastewater treatment systems are proudly manufactured in Australia and provide superior water treatment quality, meeting all of the Queensland State Government requirements and are fully certified to the Australian Standard (AS1546.1).

Capital Tanks can provide a household treatment system to meet any particular requirement, including Secondary class, Advanced Secondary class and even Advanced Secondary with additional nutrient removal measures.

Our range of quality wastewater treatment systems are available in a preferred dual poly tank configuration for extra capacity and a superior treatment process. Please find a summary of our range below.

To discuss your project’s wastewater treatment system requirement and for a no-obligation free quote, contact the friendly Capital Tanks team today on 1300 476 399 or info@capitaltanks.com.au

Supply & Installation Available
Capital Tanks can offer a complete supply and installation package for all of our wastewater treatment systems, throughout the following council areas: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Lockyer Valley, Logan, Noosa, Redlands, Scenic Rim, and Sunshine Coast,
Contact us today on 1300 476 399 or email info@capitaltanks.com.au for free advice and a no-obligation quote on your system requirement.
With renowned reliability, our Poly Wastewater Treatment Systems are cost effective and simple to install and use.
Poly Waste Water Treatment Systems
Our D10 Poly Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems are built inside two purpose built injection moulded tanks. The systems are light weight (starting from 360kg) and can be easily transported to site where they can be lifted into the excavation by the machine that digs it (no hired crane = less expense). The total volume of treatment within our polymer systems is 6400 litres with an invert of 400mm standard. If a deeper invert is required a 350mm polymer riser can be supplied with the systems. 

Features & Benefits

+ Market leading multi-chamber system ensures five separate treatment stages.

+ Encased in the largest capacity injection moulded polymer tanks available (2 x 3200 Litres). More capacity enables better treatment.

+ Air pump has a full 3 year warranty and only uses 58 watts of power

+ All metal fittings inside system are 316-grade Stainless Steel.

+ Fully Government approved ~ Australian designed and manufactured.

+ Simple, reliable electrics system eliminates the need for a fragile motherboard or PLC which can be prone to failure.

+ Lightweight – Can be installed by the digger doing the excavation.
Available Poly Models

D10SF - Secondary Standard
Our D10SF Poly Wastewater Treatment System treats household wastewater to the secondary class stage, so that the treated wastewater can be dispersed via above ground sprinklers. The dispersal pump is supplied as part of the overall treatment system package.
Water Discharge Quality: 
20mg / L BOD
30mg / L Suspended solids
100 / per 100ml (cfu) Thermotolerant count

D10SF HH - Secondary Standard with High Head
Our D10SF HH also treats household wastewater to the secondary class stage and is supplied with a 'high head' dispersal pump that has the performance to disperse (via above ground sprinklers) to locations further than 30 metres from the system itself.
Water Discharge Quality: 
20mg / L BOD
30mg / L Suspended solids
100 / per 100ml (cfu) Thermotolerant count

D10SF AS - Advanced Secondary
Local council specifications often require a domestic wastewater treatment system to process household wastewater to what is known as an 'advanced secondary' state. Should your project require an Advanced Secondary wastewater treatment system, we can supply the ideal package.

Our D10SF AS incorporates features to produce a higher standard of irrigation discharge. This level of treatment is often required in environmentally sensitive areas (e.g., close to water ways, wetlands or in locations with shallow water tables). The advanced processing ability of the D10SF AS allows for dispersal of the treated wastewater to within 10 metres of waterways.
Water Discharge Quality:
10mg / L BOD
10mg / L Suspended Solids
10/ per 100ml (cfu) Thermotolerant count

D10SF AS / NR - Advanced Secondary With Nutrient Reduction
Based on the Advanced Secondary model, our D10SF AS / NR model features the addition of an external filter pod and fitting kit. The fitting kit includes six (6) x 15kg units of “Nutrilok” filter aggregate. Nutrilok is a superior filtration material that has the ability to remove a high degree of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and heavy metals from treated wastewater. This model is particularly suited to environmentally sensitive areas (especially marine environments). The filter unit can be backwashed easily while being serviced.
Water Discharge Quality:
10mg / L BOD
10mg / L Suspended Solids
10 / per 100ml (cfu) Thermotolerant count 
10mg / L Nitrogen
5mg / L Phosphorous
Contact the friendly Capital Tanks team today on 1300 476 399 or email info@capitaltanks.com.au for a no obligation, free quote.
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